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Meet Bec Faye

Coaching sharing economy marketplaces.

Hi, I'm Bec,

Ever since I graduated Design College, I've been passionate about helping people to build businesses that utalised the internet to create a life that enabled them to live a life they love.

This passion and my profession as a UX/UI Designer has lead me on an amazing 11+ year journey where I've worked with and consulted to a wide variety of entrepreneurs, tech startups and even worked as Head of Digital at a Venture Capital Firm.

Specialising in the Two-Sided Marketplaces & the Sharing Economy.

In 2014 I launched The Wholesome Dollar, an online educational and inspirational platform designed to increase awareness of the new ways people can earn an income utalizing the internet, and the growing sharing economy.

This kicked me off in a new direction for my career - consulting to two-sided marketplace entrepreneurs and companies who are looking to take their platform to the next level.

I now work with marketplaces of all sizes - from individuals with a marketplace idea, right through to some of the largest in Australia like the Domain Group (Real Estate) & Scentre Group (Westfield, the marketplace that started them all!)

My Experience and Knowledge at your Service

Over the past 11 years have collected a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills that I love to share with anyone I work with.

  • User Experience Design, Research & Usability Testing (UX)
  • UI Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (specialising in marketplaces)
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer & Business Development

This coupled with my network and knowledge built up through The Wholesome Dollar and the many conversations I have with marketplace founders, positions me perfectly to help two-sided marketplaces from Idea, MVP right through to Scaling.

Work With me

My specialities include:

Idea To MVP

Ideal for working with startups or established companies looking to launch a new product.

  • Collaborating with Ideas People and/or Product Managers to take an idea and distill it down to the Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
  • Leading early stage research for Customer Development and Early Adopter Identification
  • Managing designers and developers to build the MVP
  • Product Design, including UX/UI Design

Marketplace Optimisation

Ideal for startups or established companies wishing to increase performance of their existing platform.

  • Analysis and improvement of metrics and tracking strategies
  • Analysis and improvement of sales and conversion funnel, with recommendation actions
  • Collaboration with product team to ensure ongoing iteration which will improve metrics and KPIs
  • Customer listening and research to pinpoint issues preventing customer acquisition and retention.
  • Digital strategy review and improvement including areas customer onboarding, email marketing, social media, PPC Ads and SEO.

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